How to make multiple serial dilutions at the same time

By Elisabet | January 10, 2023

Making many serial dilutions can be time consuming and monotonous.

Have you never thought about making multiple serial dilutions at the same time?
This is possible with Dilugent® Shaker Pro!

You can dilute up to 7 samples at the same time without getting lost.

Watch the video to see an example!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

By Elisabet | December 13, 2022

Thank you very much for this year!

Note that LabRobot will be closed during week 52 (26th ‐ 30th December).
So if you need a new supply of Dilucup pallets before the end of the year, we need to have your order in by December 20th. We will also be able to process small express orders (one pallet max.) for those placed up until the 28th.

Have a magical Christmas holidays! 🙂

How to enumerate microorganisms?

By Elisabet | July 28, 2022

How to enumerate the microorganisms in a food sample using Dilucup?

  1. First homogenize the sample if it is solid. This is the first 1/10 dilution.
  2. Once the sample is suspended or if the sample is liquid, serial dilute it using Dilucup.
  3. Plate 1 mL of the selected suspension(s) and incubate.
  4. Count the colonies (the plates should have between 30 and 300 CFUs to get a statistically valid result).
  5. Divide the average number of CFUs per the dilution level to get the number of microorganisms per mL or g in the original sample.

Watch the video to understand it better!

Happy Summer!

By Elisabet | June 30, 2022

We hope you have a good summer and you can enjoy the sun or whatever makes you happy! 😊

summer dilucup

Improvements in Dilushaker

By Elisabet | May 12, 2022

Dilushaker has evolved from being a simple cup shaker to a sophisticated instrument that guides you and is very comfortable to use.

Do not miss the video to see its evolution!

Happy Easter!

By Elisabet | April 8, 2022

We hope that your egg is filled with chocolates and not with Dilucups like ours! 😉

We wanted to take the opportunity to inform you that our office will be closed on Friday 15th and Monday 18th of April.

Have a nice Easter break!

happy easter 2022

New user manual for Dilugent S.

By Elisabet | March 11, 2022

A new version of the Dilugent Shaker user manual is available with the updates included in the last firmware (1.2.6). You must be logged in to access the orange button shown in the picture on this side.

If you want to update your instrument contact your distributor so that they can help you.

Accurate volume

By Elisabet | February 9, 2022

As you may know, according to EN ISO 6887-1: 2017 the volume of a diluent should not deviate from 9,0 mL ± 2 %.

99,97 % of all Dilucups analysed during 2020 and 2021 had a volume of 9,0 mL ± 1 %, with an average of 9,0 mL +0,2 %.

Each point on the diagram represents the volume of a manually controlled Dilucup® in the QC laboratory. Values ​​are given as deviation from 9 mL.

volume 2021 and 2020 9ml+-1

New firmware version available

By Elisabet | January 27, 2022

There is a new firmware version, number 1.2.5, available for Dilugent® Shaker.
The update is included under the 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Book a meeting and update your Dilugent® Shaker firmware remotely!

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How to make multiple serial dilutions at the same time

By Elisabet Nuñez Gaitan | 2023-01-11

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

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How to enumerate microorganisms?

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Happy Summer!

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Improvements in Dilushaker

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Happy Easter!

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Proficiency testing

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New user manual for Dilugent S.

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Accurate volume

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High speed vortexed

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Accurate volume guaranteed

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Dilugent Shaker Pro

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How to enumerate the microorganisms in a sample?

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Happy summer!

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World Food Safety Day

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“Håll Sverige Rent” movement

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Content now available in Spanish!

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Happy Easter!

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AddLife award

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We are looking for new testimonials!

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We’re expanding!

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Extended shelf life for Dilucup® Elegance

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A new generation of Dilucup to be released soon

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A new distributor for Dilucup in Spain

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Bye-bye Antonio, we will miss you!

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A new model of Dilushaker is available

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