Dilucup® Elegance

A small container with 9 mL of sterile
diluent that facilitates serial dilutions

Standardize the serial dilution process

Dilucup® Elegance is a small container pre-filled with 9 mL of a sterile diluent.


Produced in a clean-room & Sterilized by irradiation

Accurate volume

Guaranteed volume of 9 mL ± 2 %
Usually 9 mL ± 0,5 %

According to ISO 6887-1:2017 

Months after production

Long shelf life

dilucup features

High speed shaking

The design of the cup allows its rotation at high speed (400 - 660 rpm) without spilling.

The user opens the requested number of Dilucups® by tearing-off a thin film that guarantees the sterility and the right volume in the cups.

Traceability of dilutions

Every Dilucup® blister has a unique QR code that enables to trace the dilutions if it is used in combination with Dilugent® Shaker.

qr code traceability

How many samples?

Blister with 7x3 Dilucups
Blister with 7x6 Dilucups

Dilucup® is available in blisters of seven rows of either three (7x3) or six containers (7x6), designed to fit in the tray of Dilushaker III and Dilugent® Shaker.


dilucup 7x3 7x6



3 standard diluents:

Dilucup® Elegance MRD
(Maximal Recovery Diluent)

Composition: Peptones 1 g/L, NaCl 8,5 g/L, Buffers
pH: 7,0 ± 0,2 (according to ISO 6887-1:2017)
Volume: 9 mL ± 2 % (according to ISO 6887-1:2017)
Microbiological productivity: verified with E. coli and S. aureus (according to ISO 11133:2014)

Quantity: 672 total cups/box

Article numbers:

  • 40DEMRD3:
    • 3 cups/row
    • 672 total cups/box (2 bags x 16 blisters x 21 Dilucups)
  • 40DEMRD6:
    • 6 cups/row
    • 672 total cups/box (2 bags x 8 blisters x 42 Dilucups)
  • 40DEMRD993:
    • 9,9 mL ± 2 %
    • 3 cups/row
    • 672 total cups/box (2 bags x 16 blisters x 21 Dilucups)
mrd, nacl, bpw

Safety data sheets
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QC Certificates
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Do you want your diluent in Dilucup® format?

The production of other articles (proprietary recipe, different volume, etc…) is possible with a minimum order of one pallet (21 504 cups).

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