Dilugent® Shaker.

A new device for easy, safe and traceable use of Dilucups

The current Dilushaker III digital was launched in 2008 and used most of the mechanical components of the previous models launched in 2001 and 2005.

The new model, Dilugent® Shaker, is a modern instrument based on totally new mechanical parts and electronic.


Good reasons to consider the replacement of a Dilushaker III digital by a Dilugent® Shaker 

  • More comfortable when pipetting with Dilugent® Shaker since it is lower and the arm does not have to be so high.
  • Easier adjustment of shaking time and motor speed.
  • Possibility to change the number of dilutions between 2 samples with a simple click.
  • Sensors located on the sides reduce unintended shaking that can occur with Dilushaker when working.
  • Dilugent® Shaker allows to control more parameters than DSIII such as sample, batch and user identification (not available on Light version).
  • Dilugent® Shaker allows to follow the traceability of all the dilutions since they are saved in an Excel sheet (not available on Light version).
  • Dilugent® Shaker allows a safer use of Dilucup with 42 LED lights instead of the 3 or 6 on Dilushaker III digital.
  • With the Dilugent® Shaker it is possible to shake as many times as wanted without influencing the LED lights. (unthinkable with Dilushaker III digital).
  • Dilushaker® Shaker is perfect for samples diluted in duplicate or triplicate thanks to it “step ahead” function (on Pro version only)

The Dilugent® Shaker is offered in 3 versions:
Dilugent® Shaker Light, Dilugent® Shaker, Dilugent® Shaker Pro. Its standard version allows users to trace their operations through an export of data via USB memory. The Pro version offers full connectivity (perfect for your LIMS) and advanced programming (ideal if you work with duplicates or triplicates). If you chose the Light version, you’ll be able to do at least everything you do today with your Dilushaker III digital and even a bit more, but without traceability.

3 versions to make sure that you get the one you need. Here you also can see the difference between Dilushaker III and Dilugent® Shaker.

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Our new Dilugent® Shaker will bring the use of the Dilucup® Elegance to a higher level with a fully connectable device featured with a 7” touchscreen for an easy programming and export of serial dilution data.



Special conditions are offered by LabRobot and its distribution network for the replacement of a recent Dilushaker III digital by a Dilugent® Shaker.

Do not hesitate to contact your local distributor for more information.