Dilugent® Shaker.

A new device for easy, safe and traceable use of Dilucups.

Dilucup is a prefilled container with a sterile diluent used in combination with a purpose-built shaker, Dilugent® Shaker, which was launched in 2019.

The user sets the rotation speed and shaking time so that each dilution is treated according to the same protocol. The shaking is activated with an optical sensor or foot pedal (available as an option).


  • Ergonomic pipetting.
  • Easy programming with 7-inch touch screen
  • Easy adjustment of rotation speed and shaking time
  • Adjustment of the number of dilutions with a single click
  • Sensors located on the right and left side, for unobstructed work in front of the shaker
  • With Dilugent® Shaker you can control several parameters such as sample, batch and user identification *
  • Complete traceability for all dilutions in Excel *
  • Guided dilution in Dilucup with 42 LED lights

* Not available in Light version


Dilugent® Shaker is available in three models
Main differences are linked to traceability and programming.

Dilugent® Shaker - The standard version where the user can track data using a USB memory.
Dilugent® Shaker Pro - Possible connection to LIMS and advanced programming for those who, for example, work with duplicates or triplicates.
Dilugent® Shaker Light - No traceability but as ergonomically designed as the other models.


Compare the different models of Dilugent® Shaker and Dilushaker III.


Easy programming and export of data with a 7-inch touch screen.

Programming in 4 steps

  • Go to Program.
  • New program
  • Choose the name, the motor speed, the shaking time and the number of dilutions
  • Click to Save


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Special conditions are offered by LabRobot and its distribution network for the replacement of a recent Dilushaker III digital by a Dilugent® Shaker.

Do not hesitate to contact your local distributor for more information.