The first traceable
dilution system

Dilugent® Shaker.

Guided dilutions

42 LED lights, one under each cup, indicate exactly which cup should be used with different colours:

  • Green: Dilucup® to be diluted
  • Orange: Dilucups already diluted in the same sample
  • Red: Dilucups diluted in previous samples
dilugent shaker standard


Dilugent® Shaker saves information about the Dilucup® batch, the operator ID, the sample name, the shaking time, the rotation speed, the number of dilutions in a sample and the day and time of the dilution.

Easy export of data to an USB memory.

Possible association to LIMS.

Easy and intuitive

Dilugent® Shaker is designed to be intuitive and very easy to use with a 7-inch touch screen.

dilugent technicians

Less variability  and better ergonomics  

The easy process reduces variability between users.

The tray is only 8 cm above the bench which makes it comfortable to work with.

Versions of Dilugent® Shaker

Dilugent® Shaker Light

Basic programming.
Adjustment of shaking time, speed and number of dilutions.
No traceability.

Article number: 40DGT84LT

Dilugent® Shaker 

Traceability of dilutions.
Export of information.
QR code reading with external scanner.

Article number: 40DGT84SD

Dilugent® Shaker Pro

Advanced programming.
Customizable LED light colours.
Customizable interface themes.
Possible connection to LIMS.

Article number: 40DGT84PO

Features Dilugent® Shaker
Dilugent® Shaker Dilugent® Shaker
Possible shaking with foot switch (not included)
Selectable working direction (from Left or Right)
Up to 2 templates can be stored ­ ­
Up to 10 templates can be stored ­
Visual "service required", service menu
Possible 2D code (bar or QR) reading ­
Visual information of active sensor ­
Identification of sample, user, Dilucup batch ­
Export of information to USB memory ­
Advanced programming and possible parallel working ­
Full traceability of operations - Export to connected unit ­ ­
Customizable interface colours and LED light colours ­ ­
Full connectivity (LIMS interface not included) ­ ­

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Dilushaker III vs Dilugent® Shaker

Specifications Dilushaker III Dilugent® Shaker
Shaking time 1 to 30 s 1 to 60 s
Motor speed 400, 500, 600 rpm 410, 460, 510, 560, 610, 660 rpm
Number of LED lights 3 or 6 42
Steering by foot switch Yes Yes
Optical sensor for shaking One in the front Two; one on each side
Total height (without screen) 11 cm 8 cm (more ergonomic)
Tray removal Rotate the tray while pressing Magnetic
Same machine for 3x7 or 6x7 Dilucups No Yes
Traceability of dilutions No Yes
Shake without influencing the LED lights No Yes
Simultaneous dilution series with optical guide No Yes
dilushaker vs dilugent shaker

Exchange your Dilushaker III for a Dilugent® Shaker now!

Special conditions are offered by LabRobot and its distribution network for the replacement of a recent Dilushaker III digital by a Dilugent® Shaker.

Do not hesitate to contact your local distributor for more information.