Dilucup® System: a semi-automated serial dilution method

Serial dilution with Dilucup® System.

dilucup elegance
dilugent shaker

Dilucup® Elegance

Dilugent® Shaker

Dilushaker III

Dilucup® Elegance is a prefilled container with 9 mL of a sterile diluent used for doing serial dilutions.

Dilugent® Shaker is the newest device for an easy and guided use of Dilucup® Elegance.

Dilushaker III digital was designed to guaranty an easy and effective use of Dilucup® Elegance.


The Dilucup® System is a serial dilution system for every laboratory where there is a need to perform decimal dilutions. The current range of available diluents, along with the volume of the cups (9 mL) makes it very suitable to the following industries:

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Reasons why you should start using the Dilucup® System.


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