Fast, easy and ergonomic
dilution method

Who are we?

We are experts in serial dilutions.

We are the creators and manufacturers of an innovative serial dilution method, the Dilucup® System, which has improved work in many microbiology laboratories around the world for more than two decades.

LabRobot Products AB is a Swedish company part of AddLife, an independent group listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap. The offices and the production line of LabRobot are located in Stenungsund, 45 km north of Gothenburg.


“Smooth process, good quality and always fast delivery”

~ Peter Karlsson, Quality lab coordinator,
Arla Foods Jönköping, Sweden


"We save a lot of time with Dilucup!
We don’t need to either prepare the dilution tubes or do quality control of the diluents.
The Dilucup System truly makes life easier!”

~ Martina Costa, Director, Globalab, Portugal

Easy and accurate to conduct measurements with Dilucup System. 
The exact volume of the solvent and the constant shaking
ensures a uniform concentration of the sample”.

~ Tetiana Garkavanko, Deputy Director, Food Safety and Consumer Protection of Ukraine.

How to perform quick and easy serial dilutions?


  Simply place the ready-to-use dilution cups on top of the shakerand dilute your samples quickly and easily. Try the Dilucup® System for free and upgrade your dilutions!

New Dilucup cutter


Dilucup® cutter Do you only want to open some Dilucups instead of the whole row? We have a new retractable cutter available, perfect for cutting the film of the required … Read more


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