Dilushaker III.

Using Dilushaker III is very simple.

Just pre-set the rotation speed, shaking time, workflow direction and number of dilutions to start the dilution process with Dilucup® Elegance.

The shaking is started immediately through the activation of an optic sensor located in the front of the device or by a footswitch.


  • Shaking time: 1 - 30 s per dilution
  • Rotation speed: 400, 500 or 600 rpm
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Ramp with 3 or 6 LED lights to guide the user
  • Adjustable direction of the ramp to suit both right- and left-handers
  • Adjustable number of dilution steps per sample
  • Possible steering by footswitch
  • One optical sensor located on the front

Two versions.

Dilushaker III is available in two different sizes for being used with blisters of 7x3 or 7x6 Dilucups.

dilushaker 3or

Dilushaker III for 21 Dilucups

    • Ramp with 3 LED lights
    • Removable tray for 21 cups
    • For blisters of 7x3 Dilucups
    • Article number: 40DS21PRXT

Dilushaker III for 42 Dilucups

    • Ramp with 6 LED lights
    • Removable tray for 42 cups
    • For blisters of 7x6 Dilucups
    • Article number: 40DS42PRXT
Download the user manual here!

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