fun serial dilutions

Dilugent Shaker indicates you which Dilucup to use
with different colours,
making serial dilutions a guided experience,
as well as entertaining 😉

Tip: Dim the light in the room
and you'll see what colours come out of Dilugent Shaker…

They are amazing!

Did you know that the daffodil (or Påskliljan in Swedish) is the flower most associated with Easter in Sweden?

After a long winter, the streets have already been filled with little flowers of different colours all over the grass and they bring a lot of joy (apart from allergies ;)).

We wish you a Happy Easter and hopefully some sunny days to enjoy your days off! 🙂

We control our dilution cups very much to make sure they have as little deviation from 9 mL as possible. We regularly make statistics of our analyses, and this is the latest one we have done.


In the following graph you can see the amount of Dilucups classified according to 3 different volume intervals during the last 3 years:

  • 9 mL - (1 to 0,4999 %) ➡ 8,91 mL to 8,955 mL
  • 9 mL ± 0,5 % ➡ 8,955 mL to 9,045 mL
  • 9 mL + (0,5001 to 1 %) ➡ 9,045 mL to 9,09 mL

❕Note: according to ISO standards the volume must be: 9 mL ± 2 % (8,82 mL to 9,18 mL)

Results are based on approximately 15.000 volume measurements per year.


In 2021, 99,97 % of Dilucups had a volume of 9 mL ± 1 %, of which 89,21 % were in the range of 9 mL ± 0,5 %.

In 2022, 99,9% had a volume of 9 mL ± 1 %, of which 84,45 % were in the range of 9 mL ± 0,5 %.

Last year, 99,92% had a volume of 9 mL ± 1 %, of which 91,72 %* were in the range of 9 mL ± 0,5 %.

*This increase compared to 2022 is not a coincidence. Since summer 2023 we have been working harder so that the volume is in the range of 9 mL ± 0,5 %. This is because we know how important it is to have a highly accurate volume for many industries, such as probiotics.


Almost all Dilucups have a volume of 9 mL ± 1 %, with normal values being in the range of ± 0,5 %.

The results are consistent over the years, and our goal is to continue increasing the percentage of Dilucups that have a volume of 9 mL ± 0,5%.

This week we completed the installation of our new reactor and its heat exchanger!

With it we can produce up to 50% more Dilucups daily!

A necessary investment to meet the growing demand for these fantastic dilution cups.

fast serial dilutions

New year new solutions in the lab!

A simple, comfortable and fast method that allows you to save a lot of time with the serial dilutions!

This system has many benefits over traditional methods and is essential in laboratories where multiple dilutions are made.

Box of Dilucups under the Christmas tree

We all at LabRobot wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024 or as we say here in Sweden “God Jul och Gott Nytt År!”

Have a wonderful and happy holiday time with your loved ones!

Serial diluting with tubes and a micropipette can be challenging because the risk of contaminating the inside of the tube is high. That is why straws are often used, but how can you be sure about the accuracy of the pipetted volume?

The good thing about Dilucup is that since it is a low cup, you can safely use a micropipette and get the best possible volume accuracy.