God Jul & Gott Nytt År

God jul och gott nytt år till alla våra kunder, distributörer, leverantörer, kollegor och följare!

Vi har stängt från 20 december och vi är tillbaka januari 2020.

Vi är så glada att arbeta för och med dig och ser fram emot ett framgångsrikt 2020.

Julhälsning webben

Vår nya logotyp är tryckt på våra Dilucup-lådor

Äntligen är alla våra Dilucup-lådor trycka med den nya logotypen på sig.

Hoppas du gillar dem lika mycket som vi gör.

Nya lådor 01 JUL 2019.

Sommar på LabRobot

Vi på LabRobot kommer ha öppet hela sommaren, men vår personal kommer ha semester olika perioder.

Om du har några frågor så kontakta oss så hjälper vi dig.

Ha en underbar sommar och tack för en bra start i år. Vi ser fram emot en lika framgångsrik andra del av året.


Välkommen Jossefin Larsson

I maj välkomnade vi Jossefin Larsson, som kommer att ansvara för marknadsföringen. Tveka inte att kontakta Jossefin om du behöver marknadsföringsmaterial som distributör. Till exempel har hon uppdaterat den nya upplagan av Dilushaker III digital - snabbguide.

Kontakt Jossefin:
Telefon: +46 708 83 03 39

Det var inga större förändringar i guiden, bara små korrigeringar. Logga in för att ladda ner så hittar du dokumentet på sidan produkter eller kontakta Jossefin.

New edition

Vi är tillbaka 2 Januari 2019

God jul och gott nytt år till alla våra kunder, distributörer, leverantörer, kollegor och följare!

Vi är så glada att arbeta för och med dig och ser fram emot ett framgångsrikt 2019.


New ISO certificate available

By Herve | July 24, 2018

We have upgraded the Quality Management System of the company, which is now certified according to the latest standard: ISO 9001:2015. This would never have been possible without the good involvement of all personal and a good leadership of our Quality Manager, Jimmy Kjellén. Thank you all for this very good job!

Please download the new certificate here.


Dilucup Elegance showed at Food Safety Summit

By Herve | May 15, 2018

The Dilucup Elegance is living its American dream and, every month, new users are convinced that this efficient and easy-to-use method is the best alternative to the traditional way to do serial dilutions.

On May 8-10, the Dilucup System was presented at the Food Safety Summit (Chicago), where it was possible to see it in action on Hardy Diagnostics booth. A number of visitors came to the booth and showed a big interest for the combination Dilushaker + Dilucup Elegance.

On the picture, kindly taken by Olivia Banks (USDA), you can see from left to right, Keihla Rivera (Category Manager – Hardy Diagnostics), Chris Todd (Lead Regional Territory Manager – Hardy Diagnostics) and Hervé Laisis (CEO – LabRobot Products).


Heading East

By Herve | Apr 3, 2018

After the launch of Dilucup in the USA, exactly one year ago, LabRobot completed its distribution network in the opposite geographical direction by signing, during the last 6 months, distribution contracts for the Dilucup system in South Korea and in Ukraine.

Microgiene, a company located in the area of Seoul, has quickly convinced the first customers of Dilucup in Asia. Probiovet, located close to Kiev, has just started promoting the system in Ukraine, where prospects for rapid development are also very promising.

You will find the contact details of these 2 new partners in the “Contacts” section of this site. We wish them good luck in their respective markets.


See how the Dilucup System can help a laboratory to be more effective?

By Herve | Sep 18, 2017
Our American Distributor Hardy Diagnostics has posted a video featuring Dilucup Elegance and Dilushaker. This,  very nice one, clearly shows how the Dilucup System can help a laboratory to be more effective.

Small change, big effect

By Herve | May 31, 2017
A small, almost invisible, improvement was recently made on our packaging. The aluminium pouches, used to pack the Dilucup Elegance, got a tear notch (see picture) allowing them to be easily opened, without need for scissors or knife. This leads to a better productivity and minimises the risks of injury.
Tear Notch

Thanks to all - Distributor Meeting 2017

By Herve | October 17, 2017

A warm thank you to all the distributors, who participated in our Distributor Meeting in Stenungsund on October 12-13. It was nice for us to share with the network the good development of the Dilucup System and the growth of the sales in all markets. Special thanks to Sean who made a very nice picture of all of us.


Dilucup System now available in the USA

By Herve | March 23, 2017

The North American market discovered the Dilucup 3 years ago, when it was launched, for the first time ourtside Europe, in Canada. Today, the Dilucup Elegance made a step further in this continent and was launched in the USA. To make it possible, LabRobot Products signed a distribution agreement with Hardy Diagnostics, a company based in Santa Maria, California.

Hardy Diagnostics is an FDA licensed and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices for microbiological procedures in both clinical and industrial laboratories. Hardy Diagnostics manufactures over 2,700 different products for the culture and identification of bacteria and fungi. Among its offerings are products used to culture and detect pathogens commonly reported in the news, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA, and Influenza. In addition, the company manufactures reagents and media for use by molecular biology researchers. Over 9,000 laboratories throughout the nation rely on Hardy Diagnostics for their supplies. Hardy Diagnostics employs over 350 people and maintains nine distribution centers throughout the USA. Manufacturing takes place at its headquarters in Santa Maria and at a recently opened facility in Springboro, Ohio.

With such organisation, LabRobot has got the perfect partner for a rapid and successful introduction of the Dilucup System in the USA. Will the Dilucup Elegance soon be the preferred method for serial dilutions in the country? It’s still a dream today, let’s hope that it becomes reality.

Find contact details here or visit hardydiagnostics.com/dilucup/


Dilucup Elegance unmissable in Barcelona

By Herve | Dec 8, 2016
Thanks to Bioser, our Spanish distributor, the Dilucup Elegance was well exposed in the XV MRAMA Workshop in Barcelona (November 22-25, 2016). All the attendees got the opportunity to use Dilucup Elegance during one of the practical sessions. They also learned more about the Dilucup System during the presentations made by Sergi Cuatrecasas (Bioser) on November 24. Such event will certainly contribute to a quicker development of the sales of Dilucup Elegance (already growing fast) in Spain. Well done Bioser!

Dilucup Elegance exhibited in Denmark

By Herve | Nov 8, 2016
On November 1-3, 2016 the Dilucup Elegance was presented on the booth of our Danish distributor (Holm & Halby A/S) at FoodTech 2016 in Herning (DK). It gaves a good opportunity to the visitors to learn more about the new design and features of this new generation of Dilucup. Thanks to the success of Holm & Halby, Denmark is currently the biggest market of Dilucup in Europe. Who could guess that this small territory (if we forget Greenland of course) is consuming so many pallets of Dilucup?