Cookie Policy.


Cookies are small text files that our website requests to store on your computer. The cookie then sends back information to us or a third party with which we cooperate. For example, a third party can be social media and advertising and analysis companies. What information is sent depends on what kind of cookie it is.

Strictly Required or Required Cookies:
Some cookies are required for basic features on a website to work. In an online store, an example of the necessary cookie is the one that manages your shopping cart and the items you put in it.

Functionality Cookies or Permanent Cookies:
Other cookies are used to make it easier to use the site. They can remember what choices you have made, for example a language, so you do not have to do the same settings again.

Analytical cookies or third-party cookies:
Another is used to analyze how visitors use the website. It is for example interesting for us to know how many people visit a particular page and how long they are on the website.

Advertising Cookies (also third party cookies):
Cookies can also be used to target relevant marketing to you. Advertising cookies can, for example, be linked to social media like Facebook or Twitter. Disabling Advertising Cookies does not mean that all advertising disappears when browsing. The cookie, on the other hand, may select advertisements that, based on your internet usage, are more relevant to you. The cookie can also limit how many times you'll see the same ad. Advertising cookies can also measure the interaction with the ads.

On this site, we use the following cookies:
The shopping cart is handled by the following cookies:
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Delete cookies
If you want to browse without cookies, you can change the settings in your browser. If you choose to browse without cookies, you may not be able to use certain features on the website. To remove cookies, see the help documentation for your current browser.