The Dilucup System is a universal solution for every laboratory that performs decimal dilutions.

serial dilution dilucup

The current range of available diluents, along with the volume of the cups (usually 9 mL) makes it very suitable for the following industries:

Food Industry.

  • Processing of food and feed samples.
  • Analysis of liquid products (milk, juice, drinks,…).
  • A first dilution, often in a stomacher bag, is needed for other matrices such as meat, fish, whole egg, vegetables, animal feed, milk powder, cream, etc...

Recommended diluents:

  • Dilucup MRD (Maximal Recovery Diluent)
  • Dilucup BPW (Buffered Peptone Water).
food industry dilucup
dairy industry

Bio Industry.

Biotechnological processes and especially all fermentation types need to be controlled and monitored at various levels:

  • Controll of purity and concentration of the starters (bacteria, yeasts).
  • Quantification of the microbiological population in reactors/ fermenters.
  • Assessment of the quality of the final products.
bio industry
bewer industry

Paper Industry & Process Water.

Slime forming bacteria are prohibited around the paper machines and their growth is controlled through the use of efficient combinations of chemicals (biocides, dispersing agents,…). 

  • Controll of microorganisms present in pipes, basins, tanks, cooling towers, etc.
applications dilucup system and microbiology
industry of paper

Cosmetic Industry.

It’s common to introduce microbial inhibitors in cosmetics to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms in the products. The efficiency of these inhibitors must be checked with a microbiological method.

  • Control of initial concentrations of test microorganisms.

Recommended diluent:

  • Dilucup Elegance NACL.