Optimize your serial dilution process

Advantages of the Dilucup® System

standardization of serial dilutions dilucup

Increase quality

Standardization of the dilutions:

  • Same shaking parameters (speed & time)
  • Recipe and process consistency 
  • pH 7,0 ± 2 % according to ISO 6887-1:2017 
  • Less variability between technicians

Accurate volume:

  • Usually 9,0 mL ± 0,5 %
  • Always 9,0 mL ± 2 % according to ISO 6887-1:2017 

Guaranteed sterility:

  • Produced in a clean-room
  • Sterilized by E-beam

Save time

No need to prepare and fill tubes with our ready-to-use dilution cups.

The Dilucup® System reduces half the time per dilution compared with standard tubes.

Watch the video to see the times difference!

dilugent lab

Easy to use

Making serial dilutions is very easy and intuitive with the Dilucup® System.

The simplicity of the instruments and the process does not require prior training.

Prevent work injuries

No need of vortex.

All the shaking vibrations are absorbed by the shaker, this prevents injuries as Repetitive Strain Injuries with the repeated use of a vortex mixer.

ergonomic serial dilutions
space Dilucup

Easy storage

Dilucup® takes half the space compared to tubes.

  • Unopened bags: up to 30 months at room temperature
  • Opened bags: up to 3 months in the fridge.


Benefits of the Dilucup® System

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