With Dilucup® Elegance don't worry about the volume of the diluent in the dilution process!

According to EN ISO 6887-1: 2017, the volume of the diluent cannot exceed a 2,0% deviation from 9,0mL. LabRobot still wants to be more accurate and that is why the volume in Dilucup® Elegance should never exceed 9,0ml ± 1,0%.

In 2020 none of the Dilucups manually controlled in our QC laboratory exceeded a ± 1% deviation from 9,0mL:

  • 90,9% had a deviation of 9,0 mL ± 0,5%
  • 0,3% between -0,5 and -1,0%
  • 8,8% between +0,5 and +1,0%

Do you know any other serial dilution method with greater volume precision?