After having moved to new premises in April, we started in May our new production line. With this fully modern tool, we are already producing a new generation of Dilucup which will shortly replace the current one. This new Dilucup, renamed  “Dilucup Elegance” will start being delivered in July or August. The Dilucup Elegance, is very similar to the one you are using today, but it brings also a number of improvements as for instance:

  • Rounded edges which are not going to perforate your waste bags anymore,
  • A white “lock film” on which every drop is immediately visible,
  • An easier opening going to allow an “elegant peeling” in a next future.

The Dilucup Elegance is coming in new redesigned boxes, with a new capacity. Every box includes 2 sealed bags with 336 cups each (672 cups/box in total). Remember that the open bag should, as earlier, be kept refrigerated. You will soon get additional information from your local Dilucup distributor.