Frequently Asked Questions


How many Dilucups are in a box and what is the weight of the box?

There are 672 cups in a standard box (2 bags of 336 cups each) and the total weight is 8.5 kg.


What are the available kinds of diluent?

The 3 standard diluents available in Dilucups are the following:

  • MRD : Maximum Recovery Diluent (also called Tryptone-Salt or Peptone-Salt)
  • BPW : Buffered Peptone Water
  • NACL : Saline solution (8.5 g NaCl/L, buffered to pH 7.0 ± 0.2)

Where can I find the formula of the diluents?

The recipe is mentioned in the Technical Data Sheet available.


How long time and where can I store a box of Dilucups?

As long as the bag is not open, you can keep it at room temperature until its expiration date. Once the aluminium foil is open, we recommend the cups to be kept in the fridge (5°C ± 3°C) and to be used within 2 months. The aluminium bag can be easily extracted from the cardboard box before its storage in the fridge.


Which parameters can I adjust on a Dilushaker III?

The rotation speed can be set to 1 (≈ 400 rpm), 2 (≈ 500 rpm) or 3 (≈ 600 rpm). The shaking time varies between one and 15 seconds/sample.


Is it possible to make the dilutions under permanent shaking?

Yes, in the “Time” menu you can select “-“. The Dilushaker will start shaking when you activate the optical sensor and never stop until you activate the sensor again. We do not recommend this way of doing because:

  1. The shaking time is not standardized,
  2. The LED ramp cannot be used.

Can I be sure that the Dilucups are sterile?

Yes, all the Dilucup boxes are sterilized by E-beam and properly QC tested before the release of any batch.


Is it possible to recycle the plastic material of the Dilucups?

The cups (including the white “lock film”) are made in PET (Polyethylene) and this material is identical to the one used for water or soda bottles. The “top film”, the one that you need to tear-off in order to open the cups, is not recyclable.


There is sometimes some moisture in the aluminium bag; does it mean that some cups have leaked?

No. When we close the aluminium foil, we also trap some air in the bag. This is the moisture (condensation) from this air that you can find inside the bag. This does not affect the volume of diluent included in the cup itself.


I would like to recommend Dilucup Elegance to some of my colleagues from subsidiaries abroad. Do they need to order Dilucup in Sweden?

Probably not. Dilucup Elegance is sold through our network of authorized distributors in most of the European countries and in North America.