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A digital Christmas!

This year, we made it again. Indeed, instead of sending Christmas cards and gifts to our customers, we decided to allocate the same budget to humanitarian actions. This winter, our contribution went to Unicef. We thank you very much for … Read more

Thanks to all!

A warm thank you to all the distributors, who participated in our Distributor Meeting in Stenungsund on October 12-13. It was nice for us to share with the network the good development of the Dilucup System and the growth of … Read more

Have you seen the new video posted in the US?

A new video featuring Dilucup Elegance and Dilushaker has recently been posted by our American Distributor Hardy Diagnostics. This is a very nice one clearly showing how the Dilucup System can help a laboratory to be more effective. Want to … Read more

Small change, big effect

A small, almost invisible, improvement was recently made on our packaging. The aluminium pouches, used to pack the Dilucup Elegance, got a tear notch (see picture) allowing them to be easily opened, without need for scissors or knife. This leads … Read more

Dilucup System now available in the USA

The North American market discovered the Dilucup 3 years ago, when it was launched, for the first time ourtside Europe, in Canada. Today, the Dilucup Elegance made a step further in this continent and was launched in the USA. To … Read more

Dilucup Elegance unmissable in Barcelona

Thanks to Bioser, our Spanish distributor, the Dilucup Elegance was well exposed in the XV MRAMA Workshop in Barcelona (November 22-25, 2016). All the attendees got the opportunity to use Dilucup Elegance during one of the practical sessions. They also … Read more

Dilucup Elegance exhibited in Denmark

On November 1-3, 2016 the Dilucup Elegance was presented on the booth of our Danish distributor (Holm & Halby A/S) at FoodTech 2016 in Herning (DK). It gaves a good opportunity to the visitors to learn more about the new … Read more

Now LabRobot is visible again!

On Monday August 15, we received our new company signs. Thanks to them, truck drivers and visitors can find our new building easily .

First deliveries of Dilucup Elegance

For most of the Dilucup articles, the stock of the previous version is now empty. It’s time for the Dilucup Elegance to take over. We started to release Dilucup Elegance boxes just after our holidays. On the picture taken on … Read more

A new generation of Dilucup to be released soon

After having moved to new premises in April, we started in May our new production line. With this fully modern tool, we are already producing a new generation of Dilucup which will shortly replace the current one. This new Dilucup, renamed … Read more