What is it?

What is it?

Dilucup is a unique prefilled container with a sterile diluent used in combination with a purpose-built shaker, the Dilushaker.

Dilucup allows laboratories to standardize and secure the serial dilution process in food microbiology.

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What is it?

For whom?

Since its launching in 2001, many food-testing laboratories have adopted Dilucup. The system, which is accurate and easy-to-use, provides a simple and cost-effective solution to any laboratory where performing serial dilutions is an issue.

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20160626 - A new generation of Dilucup to be released soon

After having moved to new premises in April, we started in May our new production line. With this fully modern tool, we are already producing a new generation of Dilucup which will shortly replace the current one. This new Dilucup, renamed … Read more

20160615 - No deliveries during summer holidays

As usual, LabRobot will be closed during summer holidays. Please note that we won’t be able to produce or deliver anything between July 15 and...