What is it?

What is it?

Dilucup is a unique prefilled container with a sterile diluent used in combination with a purpose-built shaker, the Dilushaker.

Dilucup allows laboratories to standardize and secure the serial dilution process in food microbiology.

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What is it?

For whom?

Since its launching in 2001, many food-testing laboratories have adopted Dilucup. The system, which is accurate and easy-to-use, provides a simple and cost-effective solution to any laboratory where performing serial dilutions is an issue.

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20170918 - Have you seen the new video posted in the US?

A new video featuring Dilucup Elegance and Dilushaker has recently been posted by our American Distributor Hardy Diagnostics. This is a very nice one clearly showing how the Dilucup System can help a laboratory to be more effective. Want to … Read more

20170531 - Small change, big effect

A small, almost invisible, improvement was recently made on our packaging. The aluminium pouches, used to pack the Dilucup Elegance, got a tear notch...